Business driven and facilitated to align Strategic Definitions and drive Capabilities and Milestone in order to create and deliver the IT and Data Investment Roadmap which stakeholders and internal suppliers can support and align with.

The Business Driven capability milestones inform the IT and Data Investment Roadmap, which is built and validated with the relevant applications owners, lead architects, and business liaisons within a business function, such as Human Resources, Finance, or Marketing.

The critical projects within each functional area are then rolled up into a master roadmap that senior business and IT leaders use to prioritize and adjust the portfolio based on a cost–benefit analysis.

The IT and Data Investment Roadmap solidifies buy-in to a capability improvement plan and maintain commitment to it over time. We leverage domain specific artifacts to communicate specific types of information and use these materials in conjunction with one another to educate business partners about the purpose, costs, and benefits of their capability investment plans.

We help firms, like yours, to create and communicate IT and Data Investment Roadmaps. We generally start by accessing the current project and systems portfolio and identify opportunities for strategic alignment and value capture.