Putting the right Data Governance strategy in place can be the difference between having accurate, actionable data and having incomplete, dubious data that leaves you with more questions than answers. At its core, developing a robust approach to Data Governance lays the foundation for ensuring accurate data that your company can rely on to drive digital transformation efforts.

The explosion of data all companies are experiencing — one study predicted that enterprise data volume would more than double between 2020 and 2022 — requires a well-thought out, documented approach to Data Governance, both now and in the future.

Data Management Group delivers Data Governance services through a structured approach that supports improved data quality and data security. Improving data quality can be accomplished through a uniform, strategic approach to Data Management, Data Operations, and Data Definition. Improving data security requires enterprise-wide policies for Data Access, Device Management, and Incident Response.

Further, developing your Data Governance approach with a focus on Lean Process improvements and Data Architecture is a highly effective way to drive improved data quality and reliability in your organization.

The cost associated with ensuring data quality is high, and with the rapid increase in the volume of data that organizations need to manage, they must identify where to focus data improvement efforts to ensure consistent policies and practices. While Data Governance is a requirement for implementing Big Data Warehouses, Data Warehouses, or Master Data Management solutions, it is frequently implemented and executed as part of an organizational effort to improve overall data quality for more accurate, actionable analytics.

DMG can help define and implement a Data Governance model that aligns and integrates with existing change management processes. We assess current data management capabilities, data quality, and data infrastructure, then use this current state as a baseline to identify any gaps. For many customers, we provide a roadmap and support for the ramp up and operation of your Data Governance capabilities.

Deliverables consist of current state, target state, assumptions, decisions, open issues, maturity models, data governance scorecards, and associated metrics. Deliverables are at the enterprise, department, or solution level based on your organization’s specific needs and requirements.

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