Digital Transformation & Lean Process Improvement

The Key to Securely Unlocking Value and Insight
There’s a reason “Digital Transformation” is on the tip of everyone’s tongue in the business world today. Nobody wants to see their company become the next Blockbuster, so comfortable in their perch as a market leader that they’re oblivious to the tidal wave of change that’s racing toward them.

While a Digital Transformation may sound like something that takes years of grueling effort to pull off, the truth is that most Digital Transformations don’t require a boil the ocean approach. What they do take is a commitment from companies to continually use data as a key part of their decision-making process.

You’ve likely seen or heard the stat from McKinsey that 70% of all digital transformations fail. It’s for this reason that DMG pairs Digital Transformation consulting and Lean Process Improvement.

Lean Process Improvement is, by its definition, all about removing waste from standard business processes. Coaching your teams to view your business through a Lean Process Improvement lens helps continuously identify high priority, high-impact quick wins that you can use to kickstart your Digital Transformation and keep momentum going without trying to tackle everything all at once.

Deliverables consist of Lean coaching, process documentation, change management, process automation, technology and product evaluation, product implementation, machine learning, and predictive modeling. 

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