Product Implementation

The Key to Securely Unlocking Value and Insight
Data Products are the lifeblood of your organization’s ability to derive value and drive results from your data. Our end-to-end Data Product Implementation services ensure that you are set up for success with everything from making data-driven decisions to developing custom applications to meeting organizational KPIs.

Data Management Group’s approach to Product Implementation centers around 3 core areas: Value-Chain Assessment, Custom Platforms, and Agile Transformation.

DMG’s Value-Chain Assessment services include strategic Business Opportunity Analysis, a review of all existing or needed Analytics Applications, and Data Product Engineering to collect and analyze data from all necessary sources.

Our approach to Custom Platforms encompasses Web & Mobile Application Development, API Development, Workflow Solutions, and BI Portal Development. Each of these specific disciplines can be tapped into to provide your teams with the data and insights they need to continually evolve and adapt.

Agile Transformation is an enabler of Digital Transformation. Our Agile Transformation approach focuses on Coaching & Training, the creation of Agile Pod Teams, and providing Product Development as a Service to accelerate Data Product Implementation.

To learn more about how DMG can assist you with Data Product Implementation, please schedule a complimentary consultation below.