Strategic Staffing

Sourcing Top Technical Talent For You
We identify and cultivate relationships with high-performing talent, many of whom are not looking for a new role. We provide "A" players to ensure you have the resources necessary to drive your company forward or your next big project.

Data Management Group has more than a decade of experience matching top technical talent that has hard-to-find skills with fast-growing companies or company’s with sophisticated requirements that need to quickly add more capacity to their business and technology teams. Specific areas where we specialize in finding the right person for the job include professionals with expertise in Portfolio Analysts (CFA), Financial Technology Leadership, Financial Systems, Enterprise Architecture, Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Azure, ServiceNow, Microsoft Fabric, Cybersecurity, and more. 

DMG will handle the entire process as part of our Strategic Staffing solution, from identifying and engaging candidates and screening to the interview process and onboarding. Our process is backed up by the numbers; nearly all of the the matches we make prove to be great long-term fits, for both the hiring company and the talent we provide. Our internal voluntary turnover rate over the last 7+ years has been under 5%.  

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