Multi-cloud Strategy For Regulated Businesses

The Key to Securely Unlocking Value and Insight
data cloud management
Managing your data in the cloud, or moving your data to it, is a major concern for companies in regulated businesses like Financial Services. Not only are there regulations around where and how customer data must be stored, there are vital data security and accessibility objectives when it comes to ensuring that data and applications are secure and available 24/7/365.

This is where a Multi-Cloud Strategy comes into play. Data Management Group works with customers in three main areas of Multi-Cloud Strategy: Provider Selection, Public/Private Data Management, and Cloud Spend Optimization. 

Provider Selection entails choosing the right mix of cloud providers — AWS, Azure, and/or Google Cloud, for example — and determining which workloads are best handled by the chosen cloud providers. 

Many organizations take a multi-cloud approach to ensure resiliency in the event of individual cloud failure, or to able to reduce cost significantly. Cost reductions can be realized by either migrating from on-premise or hosted servers or by providing multiple cloud options to arbitrage costs.

Based on needs around security, access, budget, timeline, and technical complexity, Data Management Group advises clients on an enterprise architecture solution and then helps you implement it. 

Our years of experience running multi-cloud environments for customers in regulated industries gives Data Management Group unparalleled insights into how to optimize your cloud spend so that you’re spending no more and no less than is absolutely necessary.