Data Management

The Key to Securely Unlocking Value and Insight
The sheer amount of data that organizations today must store, process, analyze, and secure can be head-spinning for even the most seasoned data teams. When you factor in an ever-evolving regulatory landscape in industries like Financial Services, a stable, steady approach to data management can seem like a moving target at best, and an endless stream of fires to put out at worst.

Fortunately, Data Management isn’t just in our name, it’s in our DNA. Data Management Group takes a three-pronged approach to Data Management that prioritizes Data Modernization, Data Science & AI, and Data Visualization.

Our approach to Data Modernization ensures that the way you manage your data — from where it lives to who can access it — is done with an eye toward the future. We strive to help customers turn their organizations into data-driven cultures where their teams are fluent in the data that matters most. When working with DMG, your teams will get a better handle on how to put data and analytics to use, not just pay lip service to being data-driven.

Data Modernization services encompass Data Engineering, Big Data Processing, Data Operations, and Cloud Data Architecture. Each of these areas provides opportunities for companies to redefine the way they interact with their data.

Data Science & AI go hand-in-hand. They’re far more effective when combined than they are working alone. The DMG team can work with you to develop Algorithm Development & Governance, Analytics CoE, Data Modeling, and Natural Language Processing.

Data Visualization helps leaders make sense of their data and quickly get a feel for which direction key metrics are trending and what levers should be adjusted accordingly. From Power BI to Tableau, our data experts can help you get all your data in the right place, then customize dashboards, reports, and other visualization tools to help you make sense of it all.

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