Struggling to Find Top Tech Talent - DMG Can Help

If you’re among the many companies finding it difficult to attract top tech talent with hard-to-find skills in an increasingly competitive market, you’re not alone. Unemployment for tech jobs was under 3% in both April and May, making this a challenging environment in which to attract and retain high-performing talent with specialized skills. This is particularly the case in Financial Services, where demand is stronger than ever for professionals with expertise in Portfolio Analysis, FinTech Leadership, Financial Systems, and Enterprise Architecture to name a few.

How do you find high-performing candidates in this environment? Attract from the 97.5%.

One key to finding high-performing candidates in a tight labor market is developing and maintaining relationships with candidates who aren’t looking for a new role. When a full 97.5% of potential candidates are already gainfully employed, you can’t limit your candidate pool to the 2.5% who aren’t currently employed. Maintaining ongoing relationships with candidates who have specialized skills is one of the ways DMG’s Strategic Staffing services have continually provided successful talent to our clients over the course of many years.

We’ve found success doing this in various ways, including both automated and organic methods of growing our network of talented professionals with the blend of specialized skills mentioned above. This enables us to quickly find ideal candidates for positions that may otherwise go unfilled in an increasingly difficult hiring market.

AI and Emerging Tech are Driving Demand, and a Changing Talent Mix

The jury is still out on the long-term employment impacts of AI. In the short-term, we’ve seen that many firms are increasing their hiring of AI and data specialists, while at the same time reducing highly skilled headcounts in other areas. According to the most recent numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a number of tech occupations saw double-digit increases in job postings in May, including data scientists (+24%), database administrators (+18%), and software developers (+17%). The net across industries continues to be a massive shortage of highly skilled, high-performing technical resources.

This trend is one we expect to continue as enterprises across industries, including Financial Services, accelerate their digital transformation efforts and seek to leverage the power of AI and other cutting-edge technologies. As a result, the demand for skilled tech professionals in this sector remains robust and will only become stronger as companies continue to explore ways to get more bang for their buck for their technology spend.

Addressing the Tech Talent Shortage By Leveraging Partners

Many organizations continue to struggle to attract and retain top professionals in this highly competitive market. This is where strategic staffing solutions, such as those offered by Data Management Group, can prove invaluable.

DMG’s Strategic Staffing services are designed to help organizations identify high-performing and off-market candidates. We provide access to a vast pool of highly skilled professionals across a wide range of disciplines, many of whom may not even actively be in the market for a new position. By leveraging DMG’s expertise and extensive network, you can quickly and efficiently identify and secure the talent that you need to drive your strategic initiatives forward.

One key advantage of DMG’s Strategic Staffing services is our ability to source and vet high-performing candidates based on specific skill sets and cultural fit, ensuring a seamless integration into your organization. This approach streamlines the hiring process and increases the likelihood of successful long-term placements, minimizing costly turnover and ensuring you land the right people to drive your most pressing projects and strategic initiatives forward.

Moreover, DMG’s Strategic Staffing services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, offering flexible engagement models that range from contract staffing to direct hire placements. This versatility allows organizations to adapt their talent strategies to changing business needs, ensuring they have the right resources in place to capitalize on emerging opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.

The Path Forward Goes With External Partners Like DMG

The demand for skilled tech professionals shows no signs of abating, as we’ve seen from the trends in employment rates over the last several months. Organizations must remain proactive in their talent acquisition strategies to ensure they have access to the expertise they need to drive innovation and maintain a competitive edge. Leveraging strategic staffing partners for talent acquisition can be the key differentiator that propels your organization to success. Don’t hesitate to reach out to schedule a complimentary consultation if DMG can help you with your strategic staffing needs.